Stage/Wedding Planner Job at GlobNet

Job Description

The main focus of this job will be on stage designing for weddings. The candidate should have good experience in this field and wedding ideas overall. This person will be the head of this sector and should be the one to bring these ideas and execute orders. The main goal of this is to make sure the customer is satisfied with the job, creativity and last but not least the outcome. This will help to build a stronger relation and grow hence create more profit. Nevertheless time and customer satisfaction are major aspects to put in mind at all times.

Job Requirements

The candidate should have 2 years and above of experience in this field, any degree and certificates related to this will be a great advantage.They also should be able to worker under pressure and within the time frame as we know this job can be as hectic and busy than expected. Therefore one should be able to handle this kind of situations calmly and perform a better job no matter how difficult and challenging this could get. A person that will be a good leader to others and help the team to complete the task successful in such situations.

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About GlobNet

Globnet is a respected privately owned management consultancy that has been operating in Oman for several years and has built a strong network of contacts in the country at various levels in the public services sector.