Director Devices Management Job at Mobily in Riyadh

Job Summary

  • Develop key strategic plans aligned with device manufacturers and corporate objectives and goals, implementing joint promotions with device partners.
  • Forecast and budget the total revenue, cost, and total subsidy which leads to net revenue, and retrieve the profitability on a monthly basis against the forecast.
  • Monitor and evaluate market trends and provide competitive insight and bring development ideas/concept papers to segment managers regarding product development related to devices that will generate positive revenue and differentiate Mobily service offering.
  • Develop and craft unique business proposition and product and services positioning to best differentiate execution models between Device Manufacturers.
  • Identify and evaluate new devices to meet customers demand and develop initial business cases to support new device requirements. Source insights from channel & segments profitability and BI to ensure proper creation & feasibility of offer creation.
  • Support CLM team to develop Mobily service offering along with the special projects related to devices, as per the devices roadmap eensuring initial Feasibility Study is developed, assessing the product potential and proving profitability.
  • Carry out and implement new ideas/ device road map, putting up the product after final concept approval and setting up the associated processes to deliver the product for Implementation by coordinating with all the related internal teams, for all the devices and special projects with other segments to ensure proper positioning & highest reach of the products along with devices.
  • Liaise with product implementation team and deliver the approved idea with initial business case to start the product introduction phase.
  • Implement approved projects in regards to device launches and special projects with products / device propositions for handsets and tablets in coordination with the internal teams, coordinating with Marcom and sales for the Exclusive/ First to market projects and lead the special project implementations.
  • Bring development ideas to segment managers regarding product development related special Projects like Device upgrading, Device Trade-in, Buy Back, and Device Leasing etc.
  • Drive device penetration across different customer segments to increase ARPU, acquire new customers, and retain existing customers.
  • Manage the reports and progress of the device launched and special projects launched and provide the insight for each projects, which gives the fact for the profit margin on the projects launched and the win-loss analysis against the set forecast.
  • Create different models of partnerships including branded resellers, white-label products, brand licensing and other models on the agreement with the partner, Enhance Revenue, Acquisition, and Retention on different market segments through the partnerships.
  • Create and practice dynamic engagement approaches and processes to best formulate winning formulas facilitating different stakeholders within and outside Mobily in terms of devices
  • Champion the sourcing activity by vendors and partners to identify the best providers in technology and latest devices globally from all ODM’s / OEM’s.
  • Ensure Post launch Study is developed, assessing the product performance and proving profitability / margin against the initial approved projections. Propose Retention campaigns with alignment with CLM team & Loyalty team to keep the respective customer base to stimulate usage among the respective customer base through various offers & targeted campaigns.
  • Maintain the records for the changes from the date of product launches in terms of devices and special projects, deliver on-going revenue boosters with consumer touch points.
  • Perform any other duties and responsibilities related to Device portfolio management as designated by the line manager.


Business Administration, Marketing or equivalent from an accredited university.

Managerial Responsibilities

  • Contribute to the achievement of the strategic objectives of the sector through performing own responsibilities and managing direct reports performance.
  • Set the department’s goals and objectives and ensure the cascading of such to reporting sections, and guide their achievement.
  • Contribute to the development of the sector’s policies, procedures and processes through providing input as advised by the direct supervisor.
  • Provide direction and advice to the direct reports in performing their delegated responsibilities.
  • Ensure the ongoing development of the department’s employees, and assure the developmental activities of direct reports.
  • Oversee the overall performance of direct reports and ensure KPI’s are well communicated and monitored.
  • Ensure effective identification, allocation and utilization of the division’s resources.

About Company

Mobily is a Saudi company and the commercial name for Etihad Etisalat Co. It is pioneer in the Telecom & Information Technology sector in Saudi Arabia which launched its business on 25th, May, 2005 and became the fastest growing companies in the world and its brand has become one of the strongest brands in the world Telecom sector.
Mobily continued its leadership strategy to stay an inspiring source in redefining concepts and sustain the competition change by being one of the major pioneer companies locally, regionally, and internationally. Its leadership sustainability transformed the social responsibility concepts in the Kingdom dramatically.

Company: Mobily

Company Location:  Riyadh